Fusion Cash Review 2018. Get Paid To Do Stuff

Fusion cash is a controversial internet marketing company that helps products get distributed into the market.

They do this by offering free trials and paying users to use them.

Of course, they won’t know whether you use the product or not so you can just cancel and wait for the money to come in. I’m sure they account for that in their advertisement agreements. Most products will attract a new buyer. Especially if the product is in the realm of the evergreen niches. Everyone lie

Read this review if you want to find out how Fusion Cash works and why a lot of people can potentially make money with its program.



Name: Fusion Cash



Price: Try it for free!

Overall Rank: 4.2 out of 5.0


What is Fusion Cash? How does it work?

There are a few ways that you can make income from Fusion Cash.

Product Trials
Put simply, you are paid to try out products.
Once your trial ends you will get paid. If you don’t cancel a subscription to a product, your credit card or your PayPal account will be charged for the month.

If you are fine with that, because you find value in the product, then you can just continue using the product. However, if you are not using the product, make sure you are diligent and cancel your subscription before the reoccurring payment goes through. You’ll always be able to cancel.

A lot of times, the trial offers on Fusion Cash do not pay too much. They range from $0.10 to $3.00. A lot of them will be to play a game to a certain level, or use a type of software.

Once in a while you’ll find a really good trial that actually makes you some decent cash.

Surveys, games, and videos

As far as surveys go, Fusion Cash has some of the best pay outs for the least of amount of time I’ve seen in the industry.

Fusion Cash Scam?


Usually, the time it takes is a lot shorter than listed. $3.70 for a 12-minute survey is not bad at all then, because its really about 8-10 minutes of your time. If you do a few of these while you’re taking the bus or waiting in line somewhere, it can certainly add up.

In this way, Fusion Cash is comparable to Swagbucks in terms of survey value.

If you want to kill some time and try out some games, there is usually a variety of games that you can download on your phone and play.

Most of the time, these games are the Free-to-play kinds that have addictive qualities and a lot of in game purchases. It’s quite easy to hook a user on these games. Especially if they are well-designed.

The stipulation of playing these games is that you progress to a certain level in the game. This can mean you have to level up your character, or get to a certain level or acrue a certain amount of points. It depends on the premise of the game you are playing.

Lastly, you can watch some videos to get paid. Videos are the lowest pay-outs though. In a way, they are the easiest to accomplish and that’s probably why they pay so poorly.

You can simply let some videos run in the background while you do other things online.


You may choose to do tasks and earn some change.

Through crowdflower you can be assigned certain tasks that range from categorizing products for marketing information, or transcribing some audio.

These tasks do not pay a significant amount. I would recommend checking for the ones that are worth your time. It’s quite difficult though, and I haven’t seen any tasks that are worth my time.

This is probably one of the lower paying activities you can do.

This is probably the most exciting way to make money with Fusion Cash. And also the most controversial.

For every person that you refer to Fusion Cash to take part in the activities that I’ve listed in this section, you will receive a cash bonus.

This is controversial because you can make money upon someone joining from your referral. This creates an opportunity for people to make significant money. Whenever this happens in a marketplace you’ll get people that want to take shortcuts in generating this value.

This is why Fusion Cash has very detailed policies when it comes to promoting their program. If you break any of the rules you will be permanently banned from the website.

Making money with Fusion Cash

What I like about Fusion Cash

As far as GPT programs go, Fusion Cash is one of my favorites.

They have decent paying offers, which in turn makes their referral system more enticing to internet marketers.

If you are already generating decent traffic, this can be a a great way to start making more money every month.

The site is professional looking and clean. It’s easy to navigate. They have a variety of ways you can promote using their built in banners.

Upon signing up, I went through a pretty intensive authentication process. I like that Fusion Cash fights against abuse of their system because it enables a good economy to be built around promoting their program.

Even with all their precautions, a few bad apples always slip through the cracks.

What Fusion Cash Can Work On

Personally, I would like to see more high quality products to do trials for.

It’s understandable that a lot of the products are unusable to me though because the majority of their audience are not in the internet marketing industry and are rather the general demographic.

I’m just a picky internet marketer.

Another thing that kind of annoys me is the amount of Casino games promoted on sites like these.

It’s a business decision, obviously, but I always find it kind of unethical to promote something that preys on addictions that are common.

Arguably, this is what marketing is, so I might just be thinking too much into it.

Getting off my high horse now.

Final Thoughts

The way I see it, there is no harm in signing up for Fusion Cash.

It is obviously up to you whether you want to do the activities and earn some change or even start a promotional campaign on your high-traffic website.

Either way, its essentially free money that is available.

These GPT programs are a great way to take a tiny bit of money back from advertisers. Hey, most of the time its not a significant amount, but its a start.

Join for free and earn $5 right off the bat.

You are willing to invest some of your spare time to join a huge community of high earning entrepreneurs, then get a free starter account here.

For a limited time you’ll have a 7-day free trial. If you are really in the making-money mindset, you will get a complete education.

Last of all, make sure you leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about what you think of GPT programs and Fusion Cash.

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